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PopVocab. The Credible Hulk
This hilarious graphic has been making the rounds on Facebook, canada goose branta cg55 online store .

The Credible Hulk. This, real canada goose expedition brown . of course. is a play on the Incredible Hulk. But what does incredible really mean.

Today. we often use incredible to mean “amazing. awesome. ” However discount best canada goose parka women cheap . the actual meaning of incredible is not believable. For instance best canada goose parka women cheap .

No one would have questioned the employee’s sick day if he hadn’t told such _________ story about an exotic illness that sent him to the hospital near-death at 8. 30 a. m.. and yet was cured completely by evening best canada goose parka women cheap discount .

Select two answers.

an incredible a fabulous an incredulous a verisimilar a gullible a chintzy

(Note. When you see six answer choices and square checkboxes best canada goose parka women cheap . that’s a clue that this is a GRE Sentence Equivalence problem, canada goose langford 120 outlet online . to which there will always be two correct answers buy best canada goose parka women cheap . )

Of course best canada goose parka women cheap . one of the answers to this question is incredible. But what about the other one.

It’s not incredulous. even though the two words share two roots.

The root “cred” (believe) occurs in many words best canada goose parka women cheap sales . such as credit (when someone gives you a credit card. it’s because they believe you’ll pay them back) cheap canada goose expedition takki . discredit. creed. and credo stores with canada goose jackets on sale . However. incredible and incredulous are not the same.

Compare the following.

Credible – capable of being believed; believable

Incredible – so extraordinary as to seem impossible; not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable

Credulous – willing to believe or trust too readily. especially without proper or adequate evidence; gullible.

Incredulous – not credulous; disinclined or indisposed to believe; skeptical.

While incredible means not believable and thus refers to stories. testimony. etc.. incredulous means skeptical and thus describes people or their attitudes.

The other answer to the question is fabulous genuine canada goose jackets outlet store . which doesn’t really mean “fierce. fashionable discount canada goose jackets on sale ottawa . amazing. ” It actually means “almost impossible to believe; incredible best canada goose parka women cheap . ”

There’s a really good reason why fabulous means incredible — fabulous shares a root with fable. That is. fabulous means “coming from myths or fables. imaginary. ”

Almost incredible. isn’t it.




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