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Migraine and Barometric Pressure
I was talking with my wife the other day about headaches. She gets them every time a storm comes through. and it has been raining a lot. I started wondering what the evidence for headaches being triggered by changes in barometric pressure. and decided to look into it a little.

There are 2 main types of studies that I can find in the literature real canada goose dog jackets online store . The first involved giving patients with migraines a headache diary. and trying to match the headaches with weather data canada goose dog jackets online store . including barometric pressure. None of these studies involved more than 77 patients. The conclusion from these is either that headache is caused by barometric pressure changes only in some patients. or that there is no evidence to support this thought.

2. Zebenholzer K canada goose dog jackets online store for sale . Rudel E, womens canada goose kensington parka cg8000 on sale . Frantal S canada goose dog jackets online store . Brannath W discount canada goose dog jackets online store . Schmidt K. Wöber-Bingöl C. Wöber C.

3. Prince PB. Rapoport AM. Sheftell FD. Tepper SJ. Bigal ME. The effect of weather on headache. Headache.

4. HOFFMANN J. LO H. NEEB L. MARTUS P. REUTER U canada goose dog jackets online store . WEATHER SENSITIVITY IN

The other type of study. of which there is only 1 that I could find. was a case-crossover study published in 2009 involving 7. 054 patients seen in 1 emergency department over 7. 5 years. This found that lower barometric pressure slightly increased risk for development of headache requiring emergency department evaluation. (They also found that there was an association between risk of headache and increased outdoor temperature at the time).

Berilgen MS canada goose dog jackets online store inexpensive . Müngen B. A new type of headache. headache associated with airplane travel. preliminary diagnostic criteria and possible mechanisms of aetiopathogenesis. Cephalalgia canada goose women's down parka outlet . 2011 Sep; 31(12). 1266-73. Epub 2011 Jul 18.

High Altitude Headache is one of the main symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness. though climbers apparently can get only headaches without other symptoms. Hypoxia. related to the hypobarism rather than being due to the lower atmospheric pressure itself. is thought to be the cause.

Serrano-Dueñas M. High altitude headache. A prospective study of its clinical characteristics. Cephalalgia. 2005 Dec; 25(12). 1110-6, canada goose ladies maple toque outlet store .

Serrano-Dueñas M. High-altitude headache. Expert Rev Neurother canada goose trillium parka navy s sales , shopping online canada goose store . 2007 Mar; 7(3). 245-8.

This made me wonder whether one could treat headache with increased atmospheric pressure canada goose sale coupon store online . such as diving or using a hyperbaric chamber. It would be impractical to go diving each time one had a headache. unless one lived next to the water. And. you might cause a headache. if you hit your head on something. However. hyperbaric oxygen for migraine prevention has been looked at.

Holland S. Silberstein SD. Freitag F. Dodick DW. Argoff C. Ashman E canada goose pink coat . Evidence-based guideline update. NSAIDs and other complementary treatments for episodic migraine prevention in adults. report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society. Neurology. 2012 Apr 24; 78(17). 1346-53.

The above guideline concludes that "Data are conflicting or inadequate to support or refute use of... hyperbaric oxygen for migraine prevention. "

As an aside for allergies. they also mention that "Montelukast is established as probably ineffective for migraine prevention (Level B). "

So. the evidence for changes in barometric pressure causing headache is slight. at best. The real question is whether this is going to convince my wife - I can tell you right now canada goose dog jackets online store . I am not going to win that argument. She appears to be one of those people who are affected by changes in barometric pressure.




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