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Lamp shade Swicharoo And An Updated Corner
When I started debrowning my living room a few months ago. the little space between my couch and chair looked like this…

It lacked personality and frankly looked a little sad cheap canada goose icicle vest womens 2015 , canada goose borden bomber sporting life outlet online . Then I added my crappy $5 table and things started to look up a little canada goose icicle vest womens 2015 .

(Pardon the awkward toddler. this is the only pic I could find that had the whole lampshade in it canada goose icicle vest womens 2015 on sale . )

Then. I switched out my crappy table for my hexagon leaf table (and added curtains)…

…and then I decided that the blue lampshade had to go canada goose icicle vest womens 2015 . So I went hunting and found a big drum shade at Goodwill authentic canada goose icicle vest womens 2015 . It was $2 canada goose icicle vest womens 2015 . 99 AND still had the plastic on it canada goose icicle vest womens 2015 online , buy canada goose kensington online on sale . I took a picture but can’t seem to find it. so y’all are just have to believe me about the plastic part. I popped it onto my lamp and liked it so much better than the blue cheap canada goose rescue indiana . (Yes canada goose polar bear hat cheap . it’s tan. I know that totally breaks my debrowning goal. Here’s the problem I’m having with the debrowning – I have no idea what colors to bring into the room. It’s already green. blue and brown. I’m not just going to add some crazy color in that doesn’t match. I already had a blue lampshade and didn’t like it. I don’t want green because the walls are green canada goose sale discount coupon online store . White would be boring with the white base. So tell me…what am I supposed to do. )

But every time I looked at it (this is the view from my “office”) it felt too short. I decided to give it some length by adding a ruffle. so I scrounged up the tiny bit of fabric scraps leftover from my laundry room and ceiling fan lampshades and used the same process that I did for my ruffle Christmas trees… hot glue and all, canada goose jackets victoria online store . (I swear I didn’t write this post just to link to myself. )

And here is my updated (and finished. ) corner.

and I might as well throw in an overall living room pic. since the theme today is picture overload.

I’ll be back soon with meatier content…I have five finished (bigger) projects that I just need to find the time to write out canada goose parka jacket . Anyone want to babysit.

Also. thank you for all your suggestions concerning my dining room chair dilemma. I’ve decided to try and reupholster the ones I have canada goose icicle vest womens 2015 .




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