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Semi-DIY Point out Nail and String Art
After seeing state nail and string art popping up on Pinterest last fall. I was sure it would be one of my Christmas DIY presents. Unfortunately. Princemas preparations took up my November and December crafting mojo, buy canada goose jackets london online store .. -/

But when this wedding save-the-date came in the mail. I was inspired to make a Texas version for the bride and groom where to buy canada goose lodge hoody blue sales .

First. sand your piece of wood to ensure all surfaces are smooth. Paint the wood canada goose lodge hoody blue sales . use a primer if you’re painting with acrylics canada goose lodge hoody blue sales buy . (I had to paint seven coats because I didn’t prime the wood beforehand), canada goose trillium 737 store .

Search the internet for an image of your state. Cut out the state and a heart (at least 1 canada goose lodge hoody blue sales . 5″ tall) over the area you want to highlight. (My Texas printout was about 9 inches tall and the heart was over Austin, canada goose foxe bomber sale outlet store . )

Using painter’s tape cheap canada goose lodge hoody blue sales . tape the state onto the piece of wood. Begin hammering nails around the state and heart with about 3/8 – 1/2 inch protruding canada goose lodge hoody blue sales . If nails are not perpendicular. use pliers to bend them into place canada goose lodge hoody blue sales cheap .

Using the crochet thread canada goose montreal outlets . tie a double knot around one nail. Begin threading each nail on the state outline to the heart and then back to the next nail on the outline. (I wrapped the thread around each heart nail about 8-10 times). If there are tough corners like the areas circled below cheap canada goose ladies camo jacket . wrap the thread among the corner nails in the same direction (pointing towards the heart). but not actually to the heart nails. Continue threading back and forth between the state outline and heart until you end up back at the nail you started with. Tie a double knot and trim the excess.

Optional cheap canada goose jackets men . add a sawtooth hanger to the back.

It took me about four hours to complete the hammering and threading steps; however. it was partly due to my poor choice of working on the floor instead of a table and using 5/8 inch nails for the first half which was a lot more challenging than when I switched to 3/4 inch nails.

Although this is a high effort project canada goose aosta bomber cheap . I really liked the finished product. I may make another one soon but on a table. canada goose lodge hoody blue sales . ).




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