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One of the pleasures of friends and family knowing that you are an enthusiastic home cook is that you do get offers of swapping and gifts of recipe books. utensils and other equipment purchase canada goose nederland winkel . As with all good things canada goose nederland winkel . sometimes the best intentions can go awry.

Christmas last year. a relative sent a hand cranked pasta machine as a surprise present. It was a thoughtful gesture canada goose nederland winkel shop . Unfortunately what they didn’t know. and neither did I. was that entirely by accident they’d bought a brand of machine that is uniformly panned for being a poor design and nearly impossible to use properly (according to many reviews I subsequently read online), canada goose gloves discount outlet online . That explained why. when I did use it the first time canada goose nederland winkel . it put me off from ever wanting to make pasta again because it seemed to be the hardest thing to make I’d ever tried. Barring a marmalade incident but that is another. different cautionary tale authentic canada goose nederland winkel .

The pasta machine slowly gathered dust after that canada goose nederland winkel . Occasionally I would give it a sad glance and think about throwing it away canada goose nederland winkel 2015 .

Then. to the rescue canada goose jackets ottawa ontario on sale . came a recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini. If you haven’t already visited this wonderful food site written by Clotilde Dusoulier I recommend you do.

A recipe for Olive oil and seed crackers is what saved the pasta machine from scrap metal heaven. I tried the recipe using just the dough rollers on the machine real cost of grey goose canada , discount jackets like canada goose but cheaper . It’s still not the best to use but it did the job and was absolutely worth trying. Light canada goose heli arctic navy parka for sale . slightly nutty. crunchy squares that are ideal for dips. especially with cream/cheese/herby ones and houmous. Such an improvement over the pasta disaster sporting life canada goose constable sales .

There wasn’t any semolina flour to hand and so I followed the instructions for using plain flour, discount women's canada goose winter coats . As can be seen in my photo; I adjusted the recipe by adding a little grated Parmesan before baking and kept a dough strip uncut canada goose nederland winkel . I’ve also tried some with Maldon salt flakes and both seem to work very well.

It’s heartening to discover that even an unexpectedly bad piece of kitchen equipment can sometimes lead the way to deliciousness.




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