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Page Value in the search engines Analytics
I am really happy that $ Index is back in Google Analytics as Page Value. I had written about $ Index before but I think it’s worth taking a quick refresher buy canada goose resolute woman on sale .

1) The topline page value is not that useful – at least not to me.

According to the tooltip.

The way I read this is that you should be able to multiply Page Value by Unique Pageviews to get the overall Revenue canada goose resolute woman on sale . but that’s not the case. You get a number that is far higher than the actual revenue. Not to worry. that’s just the way the attribution model works.

2) The useful data is in the table itself. so how do you find your most valuable pages.

****If you sort the Page Value column you’ll likely get onesies with very large page values. but very little traffic canada goose resolute woman on sale discount .

As Justin explains you can use an advanced filter to restrict the data to pages with more traffic. but I actually hope that you will be able to use weighted sort again on the column canada goose resolute woman on sale .

Weighted sort is still one of my favorite ways to look at data real canada goose resolute woman on sale , canada goose store locator toronto outlet . Your most important pages naturally bubble up because weighted sort takes into account traffic.

3) Ironically perhaps canada goose resolute woman on sale . a unique feature of Page Value is to be able to find those pages that drive absolutely no revenue, canada goose jacket burlington .

I don’t think you can get this data if you tried to create an advanced segment canada goose resolute woman on sale retail .

Remember that segments work on sessions canada goose shop in orlando for sale . This segment will match all sessions that have no revenue and will therefore still include all your main pages, cheap canada goose kensington parka counterfeit . such as your homepage. It will just list the non-converting sessions.

What you can do instead is use an advanced filter.

This will show you all pages that were never part of any conversion. You can even see the percentage of those “bad” pages.

Before you apply the filter. make a note of the number of pages.

Then apply the filter and look again.

Ouch chilliwack canada goose sale outlet store . In my example. 21261 out of 28771 pages are never part of any transaction discount canada goose constable dam .

I hate to be the bearer of bad news real canada goose women's kensington down parka black . but at the very least these are good targets for optimization.

Want more. ArchiveCategoriesGet Updates by Email canada goose resolute woman on sale .




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