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SharePoint Multiple-use Content and Automatic Provisioning
The SharePoint Reusable Content Library is not a new feature added to SharePoint 2010. It was already part of the MOSS Publishing features (MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 just for your information if you’ve started with SharePoint and its latest incarnation) therefore it’s been around for a while purchase canada goose trillium new york sales .

I am going to write something about it canada goose trillium new york sales . as a quick recap about what “Reusable content” means and how it actually works canada goose trillium new york sales sale , canada goose chilliwack avis online store . following it up with automatic provisioning of that content.

When you create a Site Collection using a Publishing Site template. or a custom Site Definition/Web Template inheriting from it. the Site Collection publishing features will create a “Reusable Content” List, real canada goose men's borden bomber parka .

This list can store items to speed up the authoring and composition of new articles (Publishing Pages) with predefined pieces of content. This content can be HTML with CSS styles or just plain text. You can decide the type of Reusable asset by selecting the appropriate option in the Content Type drop down.

Another cool feature of this list is that some items can be set to be automatically updated when there is any change on that item. This means that they will be updated only once by editing the list item. as shown on the screenshot below. and then the system will replicate those changes wherever the Reusable item has been added to a page. This “cascading” changes process is immediate because the truth is that the content is not copied in each page but a reference to the “Reusable Content” and ItemID is inserted instead.

As you can see above. if you want to edit the content as HTML. you are presented with the usual Editing tools panel in order to format the text WYSIWYG way. or even edit the HTML directly canada goose trillium new york sales . if you feel comfortable with that. via the HTML dropdown inexpensive canada goose trillium new york sales .

If you have the “Automatic Update” un-checked. you can still reuse the html or text asset but it will not be automatically updated from that central “Reusable content” location canada goose trillium new york sales . Here the Reusable content is copied to the page and not just a reference. You could use this scenario to give your authors pre-formatted html assets with the accepted corporate branding. fonts and colour scheme canada goose trillium new york sales retail .

Later on. when an author is editing a page. the Reusable content can be found within the “Insert” tab -> “Reusable Content” dropdown button. as shown below. Remember that they will appear if the “Show in drop-down menu” is checked.

Now that we have a clear idea on what “Reusable Content” actually means shop canada goose las vegas for sale . we can go a step further and cover a developer-dynamic scenario. We love coding and it is the best way to avoid the manual and repetitive work. So imagine that you have to provision those assets in all the pre-existing Site Collections and you also need that all new Site Collections will have them when the new Site is created real trillium parka canada goose sverige . This scenario is not uncommon and discount stores sell canada goose jacket toronto . as you can see with the code below. it is not complex at all to answer the requirement and include it as a feature in your solution. It could even be a feature activated automatically in our custom Site Definition/Web Template.

1-I’m not checking if the Reusable assets already exist, canada goose jackets canada on sale . If we activate and de-activate this feature. repeated copies of those assets will appear.

·The usual error handling wrapping the functionality canada goose parka kensington women .

As you can see. the code is just adding a couple of items to the “Reusable content” list. but sometimes simple solutions are harder to find canada goose trillium new york sales . See below the result of activating the feature.




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