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Curried Avocado Cashew Rice Krispies Treats
As a kid. Rice Krispies Treats were indeed a treat. and a rare one at that. I marveled at how something so simple–just three ingredients–and something so easy–ready in ten minutes–could make me swoon. It was my first lesson in the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts though I doubt my ten-year-old self would have described it that way. Adding to the mystique of the treats was the fact that I didn’t care much for marshmallows unless they were blistered in a camp fire with gooey. molten centers guaranteed to burn the roof of my mouth. Now that is a marshmallow. The slippery amorphous goobers buried in my aunt’s unnaturally green pistachio fluff could easily trip my gag reflex. Ditto for the ambrosia salad that found its way onto every family buffet table (Marshmallows and sour cream. Really. ) where to buy canada goose waterloo ontario 2015 . Even worse was the discovery of mini marshmallows suspended like flotsam in the one food I’ve loved to hate for four decades–Jello.

…I went to college. Fell in love. Lost my dad canada goose waterloo ontario 2015 . Got a real job canada goose waterloo ontario 2015 inexpensive , Cheap Canada Goose Expedition Parka Men Spirit . Moved to Florida. Fell in love again. Went back to college. Had my heart broken into a million pieces, cheap canada goose jacket get . Got a big girl job. Moved to South Carolina. Got another boyfriend. Moved to Chicago canada goose waterloo ontario 2015 . Got a new job and a new boyfriend….

My beloved Rice Krispies Treats fell between the cracks somewhere between Pittsburgh and Chicago. When I had the time. occasion buy canada goose waterloo ontario 2015 . or adequate kitchen space to make something sweet I gravitated towards baked goods–cookies. cakes. and brownies. the kind of sweets that could fill my tiny living spaces with the scents of chocolate and vanilla and make a 450-square-foot apartment feel like a home. The simple pleasure of my favorite simple marshmallow treat was all but forgotten.

…I fell in love for what I thought would be the last time. Bought a house. Lost my mom. Got married. Got a better job canada goose waterloo ontario 2015 . Went back to college for the third time. Damn near got divorced. Quit my fat job….

One night in 2008. one magical night at the Violet Hour. I was reunited with my first love–Rice Krispies Treats, canada goose womens xxl white vest store online . My eyes told me they were the sweet transcendental treats I’d loved as a child. but my mouth filed a very different report. The squares were sweet canada goose waterloo ontario 2015 on sale . crunchy. and slightly chewy exactly as I had remembered them. but these treats were savory with a surprising bit of heat. I immediately reached for another and then another trying to crack the code of flavors that were exploding in my mouth. Curry.

I know. I know. marshmallows are made from lots of the ingredients that Michael Pollan (a man I have nothing but respect for trillium parka canada goose preis store . the same man who taught me that if I’m not hungry enough to eat an apple then I’m not really hungry) and others say we should avoid trillium canada goose navy store . I’ve tried with limited. unsatisfying success to make these treats without marshmallows. A mix of egg whites. sugar. and a bit of flour will do the job of holding the rice and nuts together. but the squares are brittle and crumble with the first bite canada goose down leaking on sale . Yes. I’ve considered making my own marshmallows. but that wrecks the inherent simplicity of these no-bake sweets. For now. I’m sticking with the marshmallows canada goose women's trillium parka outlet online . Besides they’re called “treats” for a reason.

For road trips I make these in a 9×9-inch pan and cut them into 3-inch square monster treats. For cocktail parties I use a 9×13-inch pan to create bite-sized squares that are perfect companions for a glass of bubbly. Want to glam them up a bit. Try drizzling the squares with melted white chocolate. canada goose waterloo ontario 2015




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