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Slide Coordinates Part I
Even though fall isn’t officially here yet. I already started arranging coords for the vibrant season soon to come. For this Fall Coordinate Post, womens canada goose bomber store online . I’ll be dabbling with the gothic lolita style and a simple gyaru style.

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FRILL Angel’s Ribbon One Piece

A color combo you could try out with the main item is dark red x black. Finding that right shade of red can be tricky. I went with this cropped blazer from Forever 21.

A DIY tip. Add on some accessories to the blazer (chains/etc) to make it more eye appealing cheap canada goose jackets trillium parka .

Now for those into using wigs cheap canada goose jackets trillium parka sale , cheap canada goose women's trillium parka uk . Gothic Lolita Wigs has a wide variety of wigs to pick from. Wigs can really up the wow factor with your overall coord cheap canada goose jackets trillium parka .

The Sweetheart collection in either black. blonde. burgundy. chestnut or milk tea would go well with this type of coordinate authentic cheap canada goose jackets trillium parka .

If short wigs aren’t your thing cheap canada goose jackets trillium parka . there are some long wigs in those colors too cheap canada goose jackets trillium parka for sale .

Coordinate number 2

Liza Lisa currently has quite a few lacey tops up and it was hard deciding what top to pick. I always tend to lean towards cream. dusty pinks cheap canada goose brampton store online . olive greens and other shades for gyaru fall related coords.

I returned back to Forever 21 for the bottoms. you can always check out other stores for similar shorts or even faux leather shorts.

Gothic Lolita Wigs has some gyaru wigs too canada goose foxe bomber montreal store . depending on what type of look you want to acheieve (edgy or girly) their Princess and Long Curly Lolita & Gyaru has plenty of color options to pick from women canada goose grey winter coat outerwear jackets on sale .

To tie everyhing in canada goose parka outlet uk 2015 . here are some suggestions for above looks to complete it.

~Ankle boots


~Skull motifs for the gothic lolita coord

~Beret or a DIY hair accessory

~Pearls or Floral Hearts accessories for the gyaru coord

~Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay. it provides shades for either look

For my next Fall Coordinate Post. I will be doing male fall coords.

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