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The standard Curse of No Symptoms
A frequent misunderstanding in the world of health is that having no symptoms equals health. This is not so cheap dark grey canada goose jacket outlet store . Symptoms are often the last thing to happen when the is suffering from malfunction dark grey canada goose jacket outlet store . Being symptom free can be a curse. because there are no warning signs until something dramatic happens dark grey canada goose jacket outlet store retail . [Editor's note. I whipped this up quickly so I'm sorry for grammar/spelling errors.]

Could an important source of this problem have been discovered years earlier. Yes. if doctors were trained to look at blood tests results over time and if they were trained in their interpretation for what we could call subclinical malfunction (= malfunction without telltale symptoms).

Research suggests that the more the standard blood work marker MCV ("Mean Cell Volume") becomes elevated above 90. B vitamin deficiency and/or H Pylori infection is likely.

H Pylori is a pathogen that primarily lives in the stomach where it destroys the body's ability to produce stomach acid (HCL) which is needed for the breakdown of proteins and for the stimulation of the pancreas to release enzymes that digest foods and make their nutrients available to the body.

As you can see in the graph above showing data from several years' worth of blood tests. this 40-something's MCV values have been elevated for at least half a decade. and has also been creeping upwards. almost approaching 100 in 2011.

[Editor's digression. 100 is the point at which his lab results might raise his doctor's eyebrows. The doctor might then ask him to take B-vitamins. which as we will see would do nothing to address the actual underlying issue dark grey canada goose jacket outlet store .]

Since our guy. apart from his exceptional youthful good looks. understood that these types of issues are never investigated or addressed by normal healthcare. he sought out a practitioner skilled in functional-nutrititional investigations.

[Editor's note. Excuse the didactic, sports experts canada goose ottawa online store . self-serving tone here. but I'm very passionate about this. If you think that you will stay healthy through "regular medical checkups" alone. you are deluding yourself.]

Our handsome guy eventually got some testing done. including stool testing for GI pathogens.

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Our guy is now on the following plan.

He knows that the process will take time real canada goose tei . probably years. Repairing tissue and re-growing bone takes time canada goose mens expedition parka white outlet . but he is also certain of a couple of big picture ideas about health and aging.

What people call "aging" is often not aging at all canada goose gta outlet . It is the resulting degeneration that comes from chronic exposure to things like food sensitivity. infections. and toxicity which gradually erode the health of the body.

Being free of symptoms. whether it is because of symptom suppressing medications or because of one's body. for one reason or another. not producing noticeable symptoms (yet), discount canada goose men's lodge jacket . is a dangerous proposition. (Who knows canada goose parka norway store online . if the H Pylori and digestive issues hadn't been discovered. our guy might suffer a "sudden" fracture a couple of decades in the future, canada goose down vest women store . or his teeth might begin to fall out of his mouth. or he might develop cancer because of a lack of proper nutrition dark grey canada goose jacket outlet store . ) [Editor's note. On the last point. read up on Bruce Ames' triage theory of aging.]

Bottom line. Disease prevention and functional investigation of one's body should ideally start long before one ever experiences symptoms.




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