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SIMPLE 72 Hour Kits
I don't know if its all this "end of the world" talk or what but I finally got my 72 Hour kits together for my family discount real canada goose jackets london ont . I don't think it matters much where you live. its super important to have at least 72 hour kits for each member in your family but with the dramatic weather of the Midwest., canada goose hybridge red outlet online .. I feel I might actually use these one day.. )

I was really overwhelmed when I thought of putting these together. but I gave myself a month of grocery shopping. just grabbing things here and there. to make it work. I also did a lot of shopping at the $1 store which saved me loads of $. I think people can really complicate these but there's no need to.

I found this idea here & modified it a bit. I did my own menu (see below) and used gallon-sized plastic bags instead of the plastic containers. I also did hygiene & first aid kits which were also very easy.

Once I got my food. bags and other supplies.... and got myself organized I did this all in about 45 minutes. I only have a family of 4 though real canada goose jackets london ont .

Day 1

Breakfast. Oatmeal packet. Fruit leather. juice box

Lunch real canada goose jackets london ont purchase . Tuna packet (no can-you can get these at any grocery store). peanut butter cracker packet

Dinner. Ramen Noodles real canada goose jackets london ont . packaged peanuts

Snack. Granola Bar

Day 2

Breakfast. Fruit cup real real canada goose jackets london ont . hot cocoa packet

Lunch, canada goose trillium parka black for sale . Soup (those microwavable ones). fruit leather

Dinner. Salmon packet. peanut butter cracker packet

Snack. 'Cliff' Bar

Day 3

Breakfast. Juice Box. oatmeal packet

Lunch. Beef Sticks real canada goose jackets london ont . peanut packet

Dinner. Lipton Noodle Soup. fruit leather

Snack real canada goose jackets london ont retail . Granola Bar. hot cocoa packet

You'd be surprised. but this did all fit in ONE gallon sized bag per person. One thing to remember is you are not going to be FEASTING these 3 days. If you feel your family needs more canada goose winnipeg manitoba outlet store . add more canada goose men's pbi chilliwack bomber down jacket outlet .

(I used quart-sized bags for this)

Travel-size toothpaste


Small hand sanitizer

Tissue packet

Travel-size 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner

Bar of Soap

4 cough drops

And I just used those pre-packaged First Aid kits and added them to the bag cheap canada goose kensington parka women navy .

Don't forget to add any prescriptions your family members might need and children's/infant Tylenol. Also. tampons. pads. thermometer or contact solution.

I have an (almost) 9 month old. For her kits I just added as much baby food as she usually eats for each meal along with some crackers and a box of Rice cereal canada goose replica cheap for sale . She takes a bottle still (and even if you breastfeed its a good idea in case you get seperated. real canada goose jackets london ont .. God forbid) so I got the pre-made containers of formula & added a couple bottles to her bag. PS, canada goose real labels outlet store . She used more than one bag gallon bag. I also did a bag of diapers and wipes.

I had a friend recommend to get those wheely backpacks to store these in in case you couldn't drive and needed to walk. Plus. they might be easier for kids. You can get those at thrift stores for cheap.

Although mine are good for one year. some people do these for just 6 months. Pick birthdays or holidays to remember when to rotate. I thought Christmas might be a good one.... )

Put together an Emergency Binder that you can grab on your way out. I did this one. It took me about 1 hour one morning and I'm so glad I did it. Super easy and printable.

Pack a pair of sweats. These can be good for hot or cold weather---just cut the sleeves in warmer weather.

This is more a simple-version 72 hour kit. Feel free to modify or add whatever you feel you and your family need. I'm not expert but I feel better knowing my family will be safe. Please leave comment or email me if you have questions or suggestions. Thanks.




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